Review of 'The Black Corridor'

The Black Corridor by Michael Moorcock

Ryan is the sole crew of a spaceship on it's way to planet Munich 15040 with his friend's and family in suspended animation in the hold. They are fleeing an earth that has gone mad with zenophobia but have they fled it completely? Ryan is three years into the trip with another two years to go, is he still sane? A good question. Yet another interesting (twisted?) adventure by one of the grand master's of Science Fiction. This particular story focuses on the human mind making use of oddly formatted text and, essentially, poetry in parts to show how warped Ryan's reality has become. Intriguing concept but a bit difficult to read (though quite short).

Rating: “A bit better than average”

Review Date: 2004-11-30

Genre: Science Fiction

Publisher: Mayflower Science Fantasy

Publication Date: 1969

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