Review of 'Forever Free'

Forever Free by Joe Haldeman
3rd book in the 'Forever' series

forever_free.jpg This book is the direct sequel of the seminal Forever War, picking up right where the first book left us. In this case the veterans and other social outcasts are living on a planet and decide to escape the fate that has been dealt them with their light-speed travelling. Earth is not prepared to deal with them so they attempt to deal with Earth by letting it evolve into something different by once again travelling faster than light in an attempt to go a lot further into the future to see if it is better than what they are now faced with. Another good read with a few suprises though I must admit that the ending left me a bit puzzled and not entirely satisfied (a sentient bus?). Not so much a social commentary as the first book, this is much more action-packed and, let's face it, more “science-fictiony” than the previous two. Have a gander if you want to know where Mandella and Marygay end up…

Rating: “A bit better than average”

Genre: Science Fiction

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