Review of 'Forever Peace'

Forever Peace by Joe Haldeman
2nd book in the 'Forever' series

This book is not so much of a sequel as a book in the same universe and exploring the same ideas as were originally expressed in the Forever War. This time the action takes place on Earth during only one time period (unlike the Forever War which jumps around in time). This is essentially an action book that does not dwell on the social issues in the first novel but does have an interesting look into social engineering (though I still have not figured out why people have to be “jacked” in order to be pacified…). Julian Class is a soldier that commands a small unit of “soldierboys” – essentially remote controlled robots. Julian is somewhat different as he has a degree in physics so when he finds out that the actions of man are about to bring universal armeggaden he helps fight it. Not quite a really good page turner but certainly a good read.

Rating: “A bit better than average”

Genre: Science Fiction

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