Review of 'chindi'

chindi by Jack McDevitt

Priscilla Hutchins (Hutch) is a spaceship captain who is roped in, somewhat reluctantly, to take some members of the often ridiculed “Contact Society” to trace where an alien signal is coming from. Alien societies have not really been found so far so the opportunity to find evidence of them is compelling to the group of fanatics. With the ability to travel long distances with relative ease they follow a chain of satellites that lead…where? Surprises await.

Hutch seems often a bit aloof but with the introduction of a long lost love she comes across a bit better. She is truly the hero of the story as it begins with a recap of a previous adventure where her exploits were overlooked by a publicity-hogging space jock. But, she is not bitter…Or is she? Perhaps this trip will make up for it and bring her the recognition she deserves. Perhaps it will get her, and everyone around her, killed.

A very enjoyable read with periods of relative inactivity punctuated with scenes of great action (particularly the last, big, finale). Great bit of fun. Don't expect a lot of scientific jargon or thought about the meaning of what is happening, but a good SF action read.

Rating: “Really good but I have some issues”

Review Date: 2011-07-31

Genre: Science Fiction

Publisher: Ace

Publication Date: 2002

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