Review of 'Moonfall'

Moonfall by Jack McDevitt

Another “end of the world” novel. Told in short, brief (concise?), chapters the story revolves around the idea that an inter-stellar object hits and destroys the moon which has recently had it's moonbase opened by the vice-president (who goes on to play a crucial part in the plot). Two of the key questions throughout is: how extensive will the damage be to earth and will mankind head continue their exploration of space? This question is tangled up the politics of the US and a number of different storylines. The characters are somewhat memorable though I could have done with a bit more exposition instead of an attempt at non-stop action. An enjoyable, if not terribly memorable read.

Rating: “It is OK but I have some issues”

Review Date: 2004-11-03

Genre: Science Fiction

Publisher: HarperPrism

Publication Date: 1997

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