Review of 'Eyes of the Calculor'

Eyes of the Calculor by Sean McMullen
3rd book in the 'Greatwinter Trilogy' series

The final novel in the Greatwinter Trilogy sees the computer built by the librarians destroyed by a mysterious pulse from Mirrorsun. The human-powered calculor must be rebuilt. Elsewhere, the Americas have decided they need horses from Australica and so develop the long-range of their flying machines. In the meantime a monk from the Balesha Monestary (teaching the art of war) goes on a rampage against those who have attacked his sister. Things get interesting from there. McMullen has once again come through with a well-written and fantastic story full of intrigue and humour. A fitting conclusion to the trilogy.

Rating: “A bit better than average”

Review Date: 2005-01-19

Genre: Science Fiction

Publisher: Tor Science Fiction

Publication Date: 2001

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