Review of 'The Colour of Magic'

The Colour of Magic by Terry Pratchett
1st book in the 'Discworld' series

On the flat disk of a world balanced on top of the backs of some of the biggest elephants you will ever see who are on turn riding on top of an even bigger turtle heading for goodness knows where a fire spreads, for the most part, unchecked through Ankh-Morpark, one of the Discworld's largest cities. This is largely due to the mis-adventures of Rincewind, a rather inept magician who only knows one spell – albeit one of the 8 key spells of the universe – and who has recently been…encouraged…to act as tourguide to the world's first tourist: Twoflower and his rather unusual luggage (in that it has feet and follows him WHEREVER he goes). Their misadventures lead them to the edge of this fantastic world in this Pratchett's first forey into Discworld. One of the most original and amusing of the Discworld novels Pratchett leads us into his imagination with his wry sence of humour.

Rating: “Really good but I have some issues”

Genre: Fantasy

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