Hiroshima City (Hiroshima Prefecture)


Of course there is only one thing that people really think of when they hear the name “Hiroshima” and that is the atomic bomb that was dropped here in 1945. While it is true that there is the large area set aside for the peace gardens inside the city there are also a number of other sites of interest around the area. I sense that the city is struggling to shake the stigma of the past and re-invent itself for the future.

Getting Around

Getting around is quite easy with a very efficient street-car system as well as plentiful buses. Arriving in Hiroshima the Peace Memorial Park is easily reached by street-car from Hiroshima train station (be sure to purchase a ticket before getting on board – consider a day pass if you plan to be travelling a lot in the city).

Peace Memorial Park

The park is really the main reason for many people to visit Hiroshima as an act of remembrance for those that died during the dropping of first atomic bomb in 1945.

A-Bomb Dome

The most startling and poignant memorial is that of the A-Bomb Dome which was a building almost immediately beneath the atomic bomb explosion (which occurred quite some distance above the city) that miraculously survived.

Paper Cranes

Paper cranes are in memory of a young girl, Sadako Sasaki, who suffered from leukaemia after the bombing. She believed that if she was able to make 1,000 cranes she would be able to make one wish (that being not to die from her radiation). Having made 1,000 she kept going but did not survive.

Paper Cranes

The main memorial is located in the park just to the south-west of the A-Bomb Dome on an island whose north bridge is believed to have been the target of the bombers. This memorial is found on the north side of a plaza housing the Peace Memorial Museum which is very much worth the visit as it tells the story of the bombing and some very moving stories from individuals who survived (and those who did not).

Peace Memorial Museum

Hiroshima Castle

The castle was completely destroyed in the bombing of Hiroshima in the second world war but was rebuilt in 1958. It currently houses a museum and has a great view of the new city all around from the top floor. Particularly interesting is their collection of antique samurai swords and armour.

Main Entrance to Castle

A small entrance fee is charged to the museum but not to the castle grounds themselves. There is also a small temple inside the castle grounds which is also worth a brief visit.

Other Nearby Areas of Interest

There is plenty to see and do in the area surrounding Hiroshima as it is some of the prettiest scenery in the country. Once area in particular that has been mentioned many times is Miyajima island just to the south west of the city. If you are looking for somewhere to enjoy the quiet and fantastic views this is definitely the place to go.

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