Eastern Gambia

Division Map

East Gambia (essentially Central River and Upper River divisions) has some welcoming villages and…better roads.

View of Brikama Bah (and Area)

In the area, Radio Basse (747 AM) overs good coverage of local news, events and music.


Just to the north of Kuntaur on the north bank of the river lies the small village of Wassu and it's nearby tourist hot-spot, the Wassu Stone Circles and Museum. There is no charge for the stone circles though a donation is certainly appreciated by the custodian of the museum. The small museum (one room) is quite interesting and has some interesting (if a bit wordy) articles about the various archeological teams that have visited the sites and their findings. Otherwise, the stones themselves are arranged in a number of adjacent circles and sit upright in the ground (the smaller stones placed on top of the standing stones have been placed by contemporary people – for good luck).

Wassu Stone Circles near Kuntaur


Georgetown Ferry (South Bank)

The colonial village of Georgetown (commonly known as Janjanbureh) is found on an McCarthy island just to the west of Bansang and is reachable by ferry from both the north and south banks. The popular Janjanbureh Camp is located to the north of the island on the north bank of the river though there are other camps, such as Bird Safari Camp (well known for it's cost and accommodation – a combination of huts and tents).


Bansang Main Street (Looking West)

Bansang is a large regional city having the best hospital in the area. Found just to the south of the Gambia river, the dirt roads and high temperatures – and the distinct lack of any hotels or restaurants mean this place is mostly not for tourists though the people really make it special. Though you can get a good plate of “chicken and chips” from Boy Bah who runs one of the two restaurants in town (call in advance to order).

Bansang Main Street (Looking East)

Bansang is the divisional capital of Central River division and as such has many facilities including the Bansang Hospital and the regional ITC offices.

Bansang (from the West looking towards the river -- to the north)

Bansang (from the West looking towards "Gamtel Hill")


Basse is one of my favourite cities in the country. It is home to a wonderful market, restaurants and a very pretty setting. The city is scattered along the Bansang/Fatoto road that runs through the middle of the city and is surrounded by trees.

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