Review of 'Carnegie Delicatessen and Restaurant (NOW CLOSED)'

The quintessential New York Deli complete with rude waitresses and truly phenomenal sandwiches – an absolute must (watch for the free bowl of pickles!). I dare you to eat a whole Woody Allen sandwich! I found that particularly good with fantastic pastrami in a mile-high sandwich (inspiring awed looks from the numerous tourists). The walls are covered with signed pictures of famous people who have eaten here and the menu is filled with tributes to famous people (such as the afore-mentioned Woody Allen). Their cheesecake is also fantastic and worth a try (if you have room left after the sandwiches). The waitresses are just as surly as you might expect but are an awful lot of fun and add to the whole experience. If you are in NYC you need to visit Carnegie Deli. The one. The original.

Rating: “Nearly perfect, but not quite”

Review Date: 2001-09-03

Cuisine: Jewish Deli

Address: 854 7th Ave, New York City 10019

Location: New York (USA) - Broadway



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Telephone: (212) 757-2245