Review of 'Tapas & Beer'

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The menu is filled with the normal suspects with an assortment of tapas, paellas and other a la carte options. We decided to go for some paellas so I ordered “Paella orroz negro” (black rice paella; €13.80) as it is unusual to see black paella and I kind of like it. My companion ordered the “Paella Valenciana” (chicken paella; €13.80). On some prompting from our server we had “Morcilla de Burgos” (Spanish black pudding; €5.35) from the tapas menu while we waited for our paellas to arrive. It was served simply prepared in slices warmed with just a bit of salt. Quite tasty. The paellas were very good with each being the right size for a single portion. I really enjoyed my black rice paella with the rice perfectly al-dente and the seafood very fresh. My companion liked her chicken paella which had a very tasty sauce in it as well, certainly much tastier than mine.

My companion had some wine but was disappointed to find that they only offered bottle options - a bit much for a single drinker! It tasted quite good I am told and at €8.60 for a small bottle a relative bargain too…

The service was polite and spoke quite good English. I did feel they were pushing us to buy things on the menu and given that the place was not exactly crawling with people it makes me wonder whether the place is not exactly sought after by locals. Certainly the food was OK but not amazing. If you are looking for a place slightly out of the way with passable food, this would probably do for you.

Rating: “A bit better than average”

Review Date: 2016-03-26

Cuisine: Spanish

Address: Gran Via Corts Catalanes, 640, 08007 Barcelona, Spain

Public Transport: METRO Passeig de Gràcia

Location: Barcelona (Spain) - Eixample



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Telephone: +34 933 02 37 72