Review of 'The Banana Leaf Apolo'

ASCII���User comments I have an attachment to the restaurant name “Banana Leaf” having fond memories of a restaurant with the same name that I visited on Nathan Road in Hong Kong the first time I visited there. Sadly, this Banana Leaf no longer exists so I seem to be forever searching for a similar experience. Unfortunately, The Banana Leaf Apollo, while quite good, is not the same…This incarnation of the name has been around for 40 years and this shows on the mature menu.

The large interior of the restaurant hidden away in the back of a shopping centre off of Serangoon Road in Little India is worth seeking out. We showed up for lunch and the restaurant had only a few diners present. We were seated beside a glass-wall water fall to look over the many pages of the menu. The restaurant has pillars throughout the low ceiling set of rooms and several side cooking areas that are visible to diners.


We decided to go with the lunch options. I had the “Mutton Biryani Set” ($10) which was wonderfully spicy, and tasty but did have bones. The portion size was good considering the cost. My companion had the South Indian Vegetarian Meal ($8) which came with roti on the side and was surprisingly tasty. A lime juice ($2.50) was tasty and slightly sweet.

South Indian Vegetarian Meal

As per the name of the restaurant, we were, thankfully, served on banana leaves which made the experience a bit more interesting.

At $27.40 this was a reasonably priced meal though we did notice we had been charged for the wet towels offered to us to clean up ($0.30 each).

Worth a visit if you are in the area. If we come back we will try some other items on the menu, that is for sure.

Rating: “A bit better than average”

Review Date: 2013-10-17

Cuisine: Malaysian

Address: 48 Serangoon Road, 01-32 Little India Arcade, Singapore

Location: Singapore (Singapore) - Little India



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Telephone: +65 6297 1595