Review of 'Preto'

I have never been to a Brazilian Steakhouse before but I had been told what to expect: Chefs wander around the restaurant with skewers of meat that they will slice pieces off for you onto your plate. If that is not enough they also have a buffet on the side. Of course, this whole experience is all-you-can-eat as well. The buffet was not bad but a bit limited (I liked the Brazilian part of the buffet the best - the beans, rice and deep-fried plantain). The meat was very good indeed and quite varied with beef, pork and chicken on offer in various different guises. We particularly enjoyed the marinaded beef topside – The marinade was wonderful and the meat was quite tender.

The service was a bit abrupt but not that bad. Occasionally we did have to wave frantically before anyone would come to our table and often those walking around with the meat would ignore the small coasters on the table that we had indicating we did not want any more…But these are relatively minor quibbles. The restaurant is quite modern looking with low-level lighting throughout. According to the information they have it can also get a bit lively with occasional Mardi-Gras-style activities.

What is quite surprising about Preto is the price – An unbelievable £19.95! Unheard of for restaurants of this type and I think the catch is that this is likely not as good as the others…But certainly worth a visit and enjoyable.

Rating: “Really good but I have some issues”

Review Date: 2010-04-29

Cuisine: Brazilian Steakhouse

Address: 72 Wilton Road, Victoria, London SW1V 1DE

Public Transport: TUBE Victoria

Location: London (England) - Victoria



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Telephone: 020 7233 8668