Review of 'IMLI Street (NOW CLOSED)'

Note: “Imli Street has now closed. However, a more informal branch of sister restaurant Tamarind Mayfair (the first Indian restaurant to be awarded a Michelin star) has replaced it. It’s called Tamarind Kitchen”.

“Mumbai Street Food” - Fresh and exciting with a whole menu of only vaguely familiar dishes for those used to more traditional Indian food on offer in the UK. “Indian Tapas”, perhaps…The industrial interior with the wooden floor is bang up to date with the trendy new restaurants in the city. The five of us were shown to a table near the back and the kitchen.

The main food menu sections are “Food Carts”, “Railway Cuisine”, “Coastal Shack” (seafood), “Beyond Borders” (non-Indian food), “Veggies”, and “Chatt Bar” (street cuisine/bar food). All a bit overwhelming really but all very, very tasty. We left the choices up to our waiter which was a good choice as we were given a good selection. A few things I remember: “Saag Paneer – Paneer in puréed fresh spinach with tomato, garlic and dried fenugreek leaves” (“Veggies”, £5.50) - Surprisingly, the highlight of the meal, incredibly more-ish, fresh paneer and spinach - “Yellow lentils 'Dal fry'” (“Veggies”, £5.50 though compliments of the chef for us) - Nice but a bit bland - “Tangdi Kabab - Tandoori chicken drumsticks with a rustic 'Dhaba' spice marinade” (“Food Carts”, £5.90) - Delicious and flavourful without the heat you might expect - “Kola Urundai - “Chettinaad-style spiced, dry-crumbed lamb meatballs, tomato-lentil chutney” (“Food Carts”, £7.50) - very juicy and tasty but with the grilled lamb flavour coming through.

Our service throughout was quick, efficient and friendly. Seeming to understand what we wanted before we even knew it.

As we ate the restaurant with the hard surfaces got more and more noisy but it was a cozy and comfortable atmosphere. Everyone seemed to really be getting into the food and enjoying things.

There are so much more things to try on the menu. We will be back and at these prices it might be sooner than later. Don't be fooled - the sizes are not huge but the flavours pack a punch and it gets filling very quickly…

Rating: “Nearly perfect, but not quite”

Review Date: 2013-08-26

Cuisine: Italian

Address: 167-169 Wardour Street, London W1F 8WR ENGLAND

Public Transport: TUBE Tottenham Court Road

Location: London (England) - Soho



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Telephone: +44 (0) 20 7287 4243