Review of 'Mother Clucker'

In Islington for a show at the nearby Business Design Centre I stumbled across “Mother Cluckers” slightly amused at the name and intrigued - I love fried chicken so decided to drop in.

Interior and Ordering

A typical fast food restaurant, the ordering kiosks are on the right of the fairly dimly lit restaurant with a small cooking area in the back right, open to see into, with a drink machine beside it (a Coke “Freestyle”). Seating is in a series of large booths along the right but there are also a number of bar-style seats in the front window and in the middle of the room.


The menu is dominated by chicken (and vegan “Meatless Farm Ch**ken”) burgers and wraps though they do also offer “Wowffles” (buttermilk waffles), chicken strips/wings as well as an array of fries and (potato) “tots” with various toppings. Prices are not cheap but they do offer meal deals however I was not too keen on standard fries so I ordered separately: A “Cheesy Cluck” burger (“Tea brined, double dredged, buttermilk fried chicken breast, topped with melting American cheese, crispy lettuce, dill pickles with zesty lime mayo.”; £7.45), “Cajun Tots” (“Fried, golden tater tots with a good shake of Cajun spice.”; £3.45) and a pricey “Freestyle Soda” (£3.55). As my meal was made fresh to order I waited for a few minutes before my number was called.

Burger - Cheesy Cluck

The interesting thing about the chicken is the accompaniments which are quite different than what you might normally expect, more savoury than sweet. The chicken itself is amazingly tender and deliciously crunchy, not made at all soggy by the toppings. The bun, as it should, dissolves into nothing allowing you to concentrate on the flavours inside. It was a bit bland (other than the pickles) – I couldn't really make out the cheese, for example – but the textures are spot on and very satisfying. The potato tots on the side were the star as far as I am concerned (I am a huge fan of “tator tots” mostly because they are different than fries) but did need some sauce so I helped myself to the free mayo packets rather than cough up the extra money they wanted for dipping sauces.


A bit pricey but different and well prepared chicken sandwiches. Would be good on my next visit to try their veggie options and the waffles to see what they are like…

Rating: “It is OK but I have some issues”

Review Date: 2022-10-01

Cuisine: American/British

Address: 30 Upper St, London N1 0PN ENGLAND

Public Transport: TUBE Angel

Location: London (England) - Islington



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Telephone: +44 (0) 20 3343 0997