Review of 'Tiger Lil's Flaming Woks (NOW CLOSED)'

I have only visited the Tiger Lil’s restaurant once however I was quite impressed with the quality of the food though the service was slightly lacking. Tiger Lil’s is what is known as a “Mongolian Stir Fry” in which you help yourself to a large assortment of raw ingredients arranged buffet-style. After you have stacked your plate up you present it to a chef who prepares it for you, in this case, adding any spices you request as they stir fry the whole thing in a wok which periodically erupts in flames (hence the “flaming wok” in the name).

I found the variety of food quite impressive and the various sauces enjoyable however the service was a bit on the slow side. This did not keep the restaurant from filling quickly after we arrived early (about 6 PM). Evidently, this is common for this restaurant so go early!

Rating: “A bit better than average”

Review Date: 2006-05-02

Cuisine: Mongolian Stir-Fry

Address: 270 Upper Street, Islington

Public Transport: TUBE Highbury & Islington

Location: London (England) - Islington



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Telephone: (020) 7226 1118