Review of 'Desperados Mexican Catina and Cocktail Bar'

A rather garishly decorated cramped Cantina a short distance from Angel tube towards Islington. The interior is full of bright vibrant colours and has quite a buzz to it – Likely in a large part due to the large number of cocktails and other alcoholic drinks on offer. We were shown to a table at the front window which on retrospect we should have declined as it meant we had to climb over fellow diners when we left but it did offer a view of the street on the outside.

We started with several cocktails. My strawberry “Virgin Fresh Fruit Daiquiri” (£3.95) was disappointingly not made of fresh strawberries but a rather sweet syrup, though my companion enjoyed her “Passion Cooler” (£3.95) which was light and very tasty.

An appetiser of “Classic Cheese Nachos” (£3.95) was an amazing value with no shortage of cheese (though the advertised Jalapeños appeared to be missing) and tortilla chips. Tasty particularly with the spiced tortilla chips. Quite a large starter, for sure, but we were able to handle it between the two of us.

My main course of a beef “Chimichangas” (£9.95), deep fried tortilla packets, was very disappointing with a distinct lack of any flavour particularly compared to my companion's chicken “Burrito” (£8.95), baked tortilla wrap, which was nicely spiced and included cheese. The sides included in each were baked beans (lacked flavour), with a token salad, sour cream and rice (bland in the extreme). Looking at the menu again we should have tried the more promising looking “Fajitas” (£8.95 to £10.95) or “Taco Basket Salad” (£7.95 to £9.95).

When our bill finally came it was £33.85 (including a service charge) we were pleasantly surprised to also receive two complimentary strawberry daiquiri shooters (make with the same strawberry syrup in my virgin cocktail).

The service left a bit to be desired in this vibrant, noisy, restaurant. If you want a good quantity of Mexican food for your money, give this one a go (or perhaps the truly fast-food Tortilla just down the road nearer to the tube station…). Possibly re-visit again in the future but will want to visit the other restaurants in the area first. This place does not stand out from the crowd in terms of food quality.

Rating: “Average, but who wants to be average?”

Review Date: 2010-08-29

Cuisine: Mexican

Address: 127 Upper Street, Islington, London ENGLAND N1 1QP

Public Transport: TUBE Angel

Location: London (England) - Islington



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Telephone: +44 (0) 20 7226 3222