Review of 'Five Guys'

The Five Guys sensation from Washington, DC (and throughout the US) finally makes it to the UK here in London. Though we had to queue for 15 minutes it was well worth it! The menu is simple - Burgers, fries and drinks. The only decisions are (a) Do you want cheese and/or bacon? (b) Do you want fries with/without cajun spices? and © What soft drink do you want (not as easy as you might expect as there are something like 150 different flavours you can choose from the modern Coke dispensers - bottomless too…for £2.50)?

The interior is old school burger joint - Red, white and black throughout. The queues and door control means the restaurant is busy but not unbelievably so. There are stalls throughout as well as bar-style seating along the windows…Be sure to grab some of the free peanuts while you wait! The prices are fairly expensive but, again, not unbelievable - The standard burger is £6.75 or cheeseburger for £8.00 but you can choose whatever other toppings you want for no extra cost and the burger is actually two patties (a “little” option is available for £4.75 and £5.50 respectively). The burgers are simply amazing - Juicy and full of flavour but not really meaty or “gamey” at all - Just tasty and so wonderfully prepared it pretty much melts in the mouth while the bun collapses around the burger but does not get in the way. Wrapped in tin foil it could get a bit soggy so try to open quickly…not that this will be a problem! The meat is also not cooked to death - Slightly pink on the inside…delicious and NOT greasy!

The fries are also amazing - Deliciously fresh cut potatoes in generous portions - We had the medium “regular” size (£4) which was supposed to fill a small cup but ended up overflowing and filling the bottom of the bags in which the food arrives (call a number, grab your order…). They are not really crispy but just the right side of firm. If you like a bit of spice the cajun spice is a good choice but do be aware that it is a bit hot…

The best burgers we have ever had in the UK…probably the best we have ever had. Brave the crowds and give it a try!

Rating: “I have absolutely no complaints”

Review Date: 2013-07-20

Cuisine: American/British

Address: 1-3 Long Acre, London WC2E 9LH

Public Transport: TUBE Leicester Square

Location: London (England) - Covent Garden



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Telephone: +44 (0) 207 240 2057