Review of 'Sushi Bar Makoto'

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The menu is as you would expect, with bento boxes, a la carte sushi and various set menus (including various lunch specials). I had the “Tuna Combo” (“3pcs tuna sashimi, 6pcs tuna roll and 2pcs tuna nigiri sushi”, £15) which was fresh but quite bland even with the wasabi placed in the sushi itself. My companion had two hand rolls: Spicy Salmon (£5.50) and Tuna and Avocado (£6.50) which were much tastier. We both had a bowl of miso soup on the side which was quite good but, again, quite bland.

Service was quite good and friendly with a typically understated but helpful Japanese manner. It was nice to see that we were offered water when neither of us ordered a drink (preferring the miso soup instead).

At £31 for a “quick bite” it was a bit on the pricey side but we would like to come back to try their somewhat cheaper lunch specials (between £9.50 and £15) and perhaps sample their tempura or donburi. If you are in the area it is certainly worth having a look at if you want a quick fix of sushi and are not that bothered with a fancy dining experience.

Rating: “Really good but I have some issues”

Review Date: 2016-02-11

Cuisine: Japanese

Address: 57 Turnham Green Terrace, Chiswick, London, W4 1RP ENGLAND

Public Transport: TUBE Turnham Green

Location: London (England) - Chiswick



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Telephone: +44 (0) 20 8987 3180