Review of 'Thunderbird (Giant Robot)'

In the Street Feast “Giant Robot” street food installation at “Crossrail Place” in Canary Wharf there are a number of fast food and drink options. Being fans of chicken wings (!) when visiting the other day we could not resist visiting the Thunderbird stall (you can also find them at “Dinerama” in Shoreditch) and we are very glad we did.

The menu is, as may be expected, fairly short with “Wings”, “Buns”, “Pieces”, “Sides” and “Drinks” (a beer and a couple soft drinks). We decided to give the wings a try, which come in three flavours, “BBQ” (mild), “Chipuffalo” (buffalo wings, basically) and “Habanero” (very hot, as would be expected). They are sold by quantity: 5 for £5, 10 for £9, 15 for £12 and 20 for £15 (you can mix flavours but only in quantities of 5). We went for the mild, but delicious, BBQ flavour. We also picked the “Box” option under “Pieces” (£8; “Boneless fried chicken, awesome sauce, fries, choice of dip”).

The fried chicken was absolutely delicious: Crunchy topping with a deliciously moist interior. The “awesome sauce” on top of the bed of fries the chicken was served on was also very good as well. The wings were delicious as well achieving the holy grail of chicken wings: Crunchy topping, moist meat and delicious sauce that somehow does not make the wings soggy. Great for a wing craving. The dip provided for us on the side (though we were not asked) was the “Chipuffalo” sauce which is typical buffalo wings flavour, being quite vinegar-y but OK for use after the “awesome sauce” ran out on the fries.

At £16 for what I would consider a quick snack with two soft drinks this is quite a reasonable price. The portion sizes were good and the quality excellent. Yeah, could have been more sauce on what were generally unmemorable fries but I am picking here. Service was quick and efficient with order buzzers given to us to call us back to the stall when our food was ready but going on only a few short minutes after ordering (though it was quiet on the early Saturday evening we visited).

Sure, finding Big Robot for the first time is a bit of a chore but if street food is your thing, it is well worth a visit…and give Thunderbird a try!

Rating: “Nearly perfect, but not quite”

Review Date: 2018-09-15

Cuisine: American/British

Address: Giant Robot Crossrail Pl, London E14 5AR ENGLAND

Public Transport: DLRLOGO Poplar, Canary Wharf TUBE Canary Wharf

Location: London (England) - Canary Wharf



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