Review of 'Rhodes W1 Brasserie (NOW CLOSED)'

The latest Gary Rhodes restaurant is found in the Cumberland Hotel just around the corner from Marble Arch. The somewhat dark modern interior is a fitting surrounding for the simple but stunning dishes on offer. I particularly thought the textured glass very relaxing.

After the helpful and ever-present staff showed me to my seat and I ordered a small basket of very fresh and tasty bread arrived at my table (particularly appreciated was the fact that none of the small portions were typical white bread but rather heavy seeded and rye-based). I started with the rather unorthodox Eggs Benedict (a signature Rhodes dish) which was fantastic with the hollandaise sauce almost cheese-like in flavour. Served with Parma Ham the only fault in this dish was that eating it caused it to fall over! I followed this rather heavy starter with a crab risotto topped with two strips of coriander-marinaded salmon which was faultless with the creamy risotto just correctly cooked with slight texture in the rice adding to the texture. I topped off the meal with another trademark Rhodes dish: Creme Brul̩e which was absolutely fantastic РSmooth with just the right amount of vanilla and the wonderful crunchy top.

Of course, this was a bit of a heavy meal. I was pleasantly surprised to see that the bottled water on offer was from Blenheim (which, in the scheme of things, is just down the road) which was very good but only available in litre bottles (which for one person meant a fair amount of drinking…).

I was lucky enough to visit with an offer of a three-course dinner for £20 but even without this offer the prices are reasonable, expect to pay around about £30 plus drinks. The bill has a 12.5% service charge automatically added but, of course, they have the good taste of not leaving a spot to add a further tip on top of the bill (you could not do this easily if you tried).

Could I criticise the place? Well, I guess I found the menu a bit heavy (despite the relatively small portions) and the staff were a bit too attentive but these are really MINOR issues for what was a fantastic meal. I will be back. Definitely. Absolutely fantastic.

Rating: “Nearly perfect, but not quite”

Review Date: 2007-08-18

Cuisine: American/British

Address: The Cumberland Hotel, Great Cumberland Place, London W1A 4RF

Public Transport: TUBE Marble Arch

Location: London (England) - Bayswater



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Telephone: 020 7479 3838