Review of 'Hutch's'

Hutch's is somewhat a local institution having been in business since 1946 serving up, for locals, some of the best fish & chips around. I can remember going here ever since I was very young living in the area and still go back to relive a bit of the nostalgia. The restaurant has moved around on the beach and now has a dining area where previously it was only take away but it still has the same flavour if, perhaps, a bit more run down than I can remember.

When you first enter there is a large ordering area where you place your order then find a seat until your number is called. The prices are reasonable with options consisting of “Our Famous Fish & Chips”, “Hot Dogs”, “Burgers” and “More Options” (basically other fried items like chicken fingers and onion rings as well as coleslaw, gravy, etc.)

Ordering Area

The seating area has large windows looking out over Lake Ontario and on a clear day you can see the Toronto skyline and the CN Tower. The seats are a bit worn now and the place has a bit of a grungy feel to it. Pictures from Hutch's history and of the area line the walls with a pinball machine on the side as well as an ice cream window where you can order your desert (if you have room for it). If there are a few of you eating best to get a table as soon as you arrive.

Eating Area

“Fish & chips” are the meal of choice for our family and I am not one to baulk at tradition so this is what I had on my most recent visit (this was a “large” order which has two pieces of fish but otherwise looks the same - just with less chips/fries - than the small; $14.65 for large, $9.30 for small). The fish is bear-battered which can be quite heavy with often more batter than fish. The batter is tasty and very crunchy but once you add toppings (in my case, living in England, vinegar and salt - but tartar sauce is available) you lose the flavour of the fish. The chips/fries are good and provided in abundance. Yes it is all a bit greasy but not overly so.

Fish & Chips

When you have a few people the table can get a bit full…

Full Table

The fish & chips are still prepared fresh and still taste quite good but, inevitably, there are other, perhaps better, options in the area. But Hutch's is old-school – on the beach, the older, getting run-down building, the crowded parking lot, the manic ordering system…it is all a bit of nostalgia and long may it continue.

Rating: “It is OK but I have some issues”

Review Date: 2019-04-27

Cuisine: American/British

Address: 280 Van Wagners Beach Rd, Hamilton, ON L8E 3L8

Location: Burlington (Canada) - Hamilton (really)



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Telephone: +1 (905) 545-5508