Review of 'Moonfall'

moonfall.jpg So, it turns out the moon is hollow, containing a white dwarf star and is about to land on our heads. Who knew?

In 2011 shuttle astronaut Brian Harper (Patrick Wilson) is on a spacewalk when a mysterious dark swarm attacks, killing another astronaut. In the years that follow Harper is blamed for the death with NASA dismissing his talk of the dark swarm (for some reason) and fires him when fellow astronaut Jocinda Fowler (Halle Berry) fails to defend him having not witnessed the accident. K.C. Houseman (John Bradley) is a conspiracy theorist who believes the moon is an artificial megastructure and obtains proof that the moon's orbit is decreasing and will come crashing onto Earth. NASA sends a spacecraft to inspect a mysterious black spot on the moon but all aboard are killed. As the moon gets ever closer bringing global disaster to the planet it is up to Fowler, now head of NASA, the disgraced Harper and Houseman to save the day.

You thought “Armageddon” was ridiculous, “Moonfall” is on a completely different scale of insanity. To watch this film you have to completely throw all reason out the window and try to enjoy it for the action flick it is. Sadly, it is really only the effects that in any way redeem this film which look, admittedly, very good indeed but it is hard to turn off the brain when absurdity is piled on top of absurdity. This is the typical disaster flick but with no logic whatsoever intended for a mindless audience that, frankly, I find insulting. Even the story rankles full of typical Hollywood tropes such as “military always wants to blow things up”, “conspiracy geek who no one believes proved correct” and “losers save the day” which goes back to my comment about insulting. It is disappointing that such films continue to be made. The only saving grace is the appearance of Halle Berry playing her typical role of powerful and serious character though here she is sadly side-lined by Patrick Wilson's “out for redemption” Brian Harper who is front and foremost.

Awful. Looks quite good but it is so ridiculous it is pretty unbearable.

Rating: “A slight glimmer of hope, but mostly awful”

Review Date: 2022-10-08

Directed by: Roland Emmerich

Studio: Centropolis Entertainment

Year: 2022

Length: 130 minutes

Genre: Science Fiction

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