Review of 'Tangled'

tangled.jpg A Disney animated version of the classic ferry tale “Rapunzel”, sees young princess Rapunzel (voiced by Mandy Moore) kidnapped as a child by Mother Gothel (voiced by Donna Murphy) and placed in a remote tall tower. Gothel forbids Rapunzel from leaving the tower, warning of the dangers of the outside world but in reality desires the magical youth-giving powers of Rapunzel's uncut hair. When a handsome young bandit, Flynn Ryder (voiced by Zachary Levi) chances upon the tower where she reveals she has always wanted to see where the lights (sky lanterns) she sees in the sky every year on her birthday come from. She leaves the tower with Ryder where her mind is opened to a whole new world…

“Tangled” starts a bit slowly but really hits it's stride after Rapunzel leaves the tower. Stealing the show is the cocky, self-assured, horse of an official looking for Ryder. The horse – an absolute riot – takes it upon himself to (literally) sniff out the bandit but becomes enraptured by the innocent Rapunzel. There is quite a lot of humour aimed at children but other knowing winks to older viewers as well, in true Disney style. The animation, as you might expect, is exceptional but the music is largely forgetable though you would likely remember if you heard it again. Though the film follows the ferry tale pretty well it does descend into a lot of chasing and fun as it goes on, which is a good thing. It is not quite at the level of Disney's best animated adventures but it is far from the worse.

There is, surprisingly, a little bit of violence here (sticking to the plot of the original fable) that may shock some parents but generally, “Tangled” offers good-natured fun for both young and old.

Rating: “Really good but I have some issues”

Review Date: 2023-06-24

Directed by: Byron Howard and Nathan Greno

Studio: Walt Disney Animation Studios

Year: 2010

Length: 100 minutes

Genre: Animation

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