Review of 'Big Hero 6'

big_hero_6.jpg A wonderful feel-good movie from the masters of animation.

Hiro (voiced by Ryan Potter) is a talented young man who is looking for some sort of direction in his life having been previously concentrating on robot fighting. When visiting his older brother Tadashi (voiced by Daniel Henney) at his lab at San Fransokyo Institute of Technology he is convinced to create an entry for the next robotics exhibit with the main prize being granted admission to the institute. During his visit he is also introduced to Baymax (voiced by Scott Adsit), an adoreable inflatable nurse robot. For the contest Hiro comes up with micro-bots - Small robots controlled by the mind that can form into any shape. Visiting tech entrepreneur Alistair Krie (voiced by Alan Tudyk) offers to purchase the invention on the spot but Hiro instead takes the offer of entrance to the institute from Robert Callaghan (voiced by James Cromwell), head professor. A mysterious fire breaks out at the exhibit with Callaghan and Tadashi inside. Despondent and refusing to take up his position at the institute Hiro finds an unlikely companion in Baymax. They soon discover than Hiro's micro-bots are being mass produced for mysterious and no doubt evil reasons…Will Hiro with the help of an upgraded Baymax and his new friends from the institute be able to stop whoever is behind it?

Refreshing and original animation with lovable, likeable characters and a great story. Seeing the trailers it very much reminded me of Japanese animation and certainly there are many Japanese references in the film (for example, the character names) but this is anime with a Disney-touch focusing more on the younger market and the tongue firmly in the cheek. However, the characters are three dimensional with more complex stories than you might expect in a Disney film so I would suggest it might not be appreciated as much by the very young but certainly would be a hit with the teenagers.

Baymax is undoubtedly the star with the screen dominated by his unusual presence. You cannot help but be captured by his absolute innocence and unusual appearance. He is the straight man in a comedy double act when the jokes come. Yes, it is quite a funny film with a heart.

Having said this, there are some weak parts with a noticeable lag in the story about 2/3 of the way in and the sappy Disney-ification of many elements. But, putting this aside, though I am not a teenager I very much enjoyed this funny and fun film.

Rating: “Nearly perfect, but not quite”

Review Date: 2017-12-31

Directed by: Don Hall and Chris Williams

Studio: Walt Disney Animation Studios

Year: 2014

Length: 102 minutes

Genre: Animation

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