Review of 'Fall'

fall.jpg While mountain climbing sees Becky (Grace Caroline Currey) lose her husband Dan (Mason Gooding) in a horrific. A year later she is still struggling to come to terms with her loss when she is approached by her friend Shiloh (Virginia Gardner), an adrenaline blogger, to climb the 2,000 foot disused B67 TV towner in the Majave desert. Though initially reluctant to return to climbing she is eventually convinced to face her fear and the two set off up the ageing tower. A rickety metal ladder bolted to the tower takes them to the top but falls off when they attempt their return climb. Now stranded at the top of the tower the two attempt to find a way out of their situation and discover some unpleasant personal truths…

When I saw the trailer for this film I knew I had to see it and I am so glad I did. Not only does “Fall” have some amazing action and peril sequences I was surprised to find a strong emotional thread running through the story as well. This is not simply a “how do they get out of that” film including a genuine plot shock close to the end but it is also quite an intense personal drama as well. It still does look quite incredible and manages to really convey the extreme peril the young women find themselves in with some fantastic cinematography. The sequences that show the tower from a distance really gives you an idea of the extreme situation and there is some very convincing accident trauma as well. You genuinely have no idea how they will get out of it…or even if they will.

An intense psychological drama and action flick, well worth watching. Perhaps not a film for someone with a nervous disposition…

Rating: “I have absolutely no complaints”

Review Date: 2023-03-05

Directed by: Scott Mann

Studio: Tea Shop Productions

Year: 2022

Length: 107 minutes

Genre: Action/Adventure