Review of 'Thunder Force'

thunder_force.jpg In March 1983, an alternative Earth cosmic rays hit the earth and gave sociopaths superpowers, resulting in a rise of supervillains known as “Miscreants”. When her parents are killed by Miscreants, Emily Stanton (Octavia Spencer as an adult and Bria Danielle Singleton as a young girl) is determined to become a scientist and put a stop to their reign of terror. As an intelligent young girl Emily was picked on at school but was befriended by the somewhat less intelligent Lydia Berman (Melissa McCarthy as an adult and Vivian Falcone as a young girl). When Lydia causes Emily to miss a critical exam, the two go there separate ways until they are reunited as adults. Emily now owns her own company while Lydia works at the docks. When Emily fails to come to their school reunion, Lydia visits Emily's company offices she is inadvertently injected with a serum that gives her super strength. With no other option but to continue the treatment, Lydia's powers develop while Emily starts her own (considerably less painful) treatment that gives her the power of invisibility. The two team up to battle Miscreants as “Thunder Force” if, that is, they can get out of their car…

Another film where the trailer contains most of the good bits of the film. You would expect with McCarthy on the cast list that it would a lot more funny than it actually is. Yes, it is funny, but mostly in a chuckle sort of way rather than crying and laughing out loud way. One bit that particularly made us chuckle was the villain “The Crab” (Jason Bateman) whose claw arms and amusing walking from side to side (like a crab) made us laugh.

The story is easy enough to follow with the typical misfits saving the day. Refreshingly for a comedy, the superhero effects are done quite well and the set pieces are suitably spectacular. Indeed, this is more a superhero film than a comedy, in many respects, where it not for the ridiculous premise (“Miscreants”, seriously?). It does take itself quite seriously which is perhaps confusing for someone expecting a comedy having seen the trailer…

An enjoyable, if not massively funny, film that will appeal to McCarthy as well as superhero film fans.

Rating: “Really good but I have some issues”

Review Date: 2022-05-08

Directed by: Ben Falcone

Studio: Marc Platt Productions

Year: 2021

Length: 106 minutes

Genre: Action/Adventure