Review of 'Deadpool 2'

deadpool_2.jpg Following on from the first Deadpool this sees our “hero”, Wade Wilson, AKA Deadpool (Ryan Reynolds) attempting to commit suicide following an attack at his house during which he fails to save his girlfriend, Vanessa (Morena Baccarin). Wade joins the X-Men as a “trainee” then during a standoff outside an orphanage with a the young mutant Russell Collins, AKA Firefist (Julian Dennison) Deadpool kills a staff member then is sent to prison along with Russell. A future vigilante named Cable (Josh Brolin) who is seeking to kill Russell before he grows up to become a serial killer. Will Deadpool, after recruiting several assistants (see the trailer, but don't get too attached to them if you know what I mean), be able to protect Russel from Cable or will he manage to convince Cable that killing a child is not the answer…?

If you found the first Deadpool offensive, look away now. This is MUCH more of the same with, unbelievably, MORE violence and MORE swearing…this time delivered at frenetic pace as the quips fly thick and fast. The dialogue is razor sharp (therefore very cutting…sigh…thank you, will be here all week…). There is little time spent getting the viewer up to speed if you have not seen the first film. The difference with this instalment is that there is actual emotion on the screen with the murder of Vanessa that hits Wade very hard. Similarly, his genuine attachment to Russel is also a key element here. The problem is that perhaps there is too much of this: These two things are pounded home to us again and again at the expense of any real plot development or, perhaps here more important, yet more ridiculous dialogue.

As with the first there are plenty of breaking the fourth wall as Wade repeatedly talks to the audience. There is also the continued digs at the X-Men (with a surprise reveal in the mansion at one point…blink and you miss it) and the filmmakers not having any of the major characters from that franchise. Here there is the welcome return of the straight-laced and well-meaning X-Men Colossus (Stefan Kapicic) along with the ever-bitter and cynical Negasonic Teenage Warhead (Brianna Hildebrand) now joined by her effervescent Japanese girlfriend Yukio (Shioli Kutsuna). Lots of horror from Colossus at the gratuitous non-X-Men-like violence of Deadpool. Karan Soni returns as taxi driver Dopinder, after the events of this first film, now determined to become a vigilante like Deadpool…

The action here is dialed up quite a bit and the personal violence, particularly on Deadpool, extremely…visceral (his suit ends up with a lot of tape holding it together towards the end). It is nice to see that it is also not all Deadpool as the fiesty “Lucky Domino” (Zazie Beetz) shows how things are done.

Not one for the faint of heart, “Deadpool 2” takes things up a notch but also with a bit of sentimentality that seems out of place for the cold-blooded Deadpool. “Deadpool 2” is not as entertaining as the first outing perhaps because it is not the first time we have seen this on film – It is not as fresh and exciting as it was then. But, still, it is a good chuckle, though be sure not to dwell too long on the violence, lack of any redeeming social qualities, gratuitous swearing, etc, etc…

Rating: “Really good but I have some issues”

Review Date: 2018-07-03

Directed by: David Leitch

Studio: Donners' Company

Year: 2018

Length: 119 minutes

Genre: Action/Adventure