Review of 'Frankie Valli and the Four Seasons:The Farewell Tour'


The absolute legend that is Frankie Valli touring for the last time played the O2 on December 2nd to a rather large and enthusiastic crowd. Belting out such favourites as “Rag Doll”, “Silence is Golden”, “Beggin”, “My Eyes Adored You”, “Walk Like a Man”, “Sherry”, “Ronnie”, “Dawn”, “Grease is the Word”, and “Oh What a Night” he kept the generally older audience on their feet throughout the evening (unless you were seated, as we were, in the upper tier where being on your feet is a bit of a health and safety risk).

Joined by the ever-changing face of the “Four Seasons” Valli was on top form as he worked his way through their surprisingly large back catalogue but also included covers such as “I've Got You Under My Skin” (Cole Porter) and “Our Day Will Come” (Ruby & The Romantics). These were received politely but the crowd was there for Valli's music and this was performed with such energy it is hard to believe he has been at this for so long. Sure, he moves around on the stage a bit more slowly but his voice is still absolutely incredible hitting the high notes of “Sherry” with an ease that belies his 84 years. The staging was simple with the band set on risers behind while Frankie, often joined by the Four Seasons, would sing in front – This was not the modern huge stage spectaculars we now take for granted – The music was first and foremost with a minimum of fuss with only the barest use of the huge video screens showing simple colour collages then later showing pictures from their history. He did also chat on occasion with the audience but this was minimal.

A great concert full of the classics of his repertoire. Frankie Valli may be retiring but this concert shows he still has what it takes to deliver great music.

Rating: “I have absolutely no complaints”

Review Date: 2018-12-02

London O2 Arena

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Public Transport: TUBE North Greenwich

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Originally the “Millennium Dome”, this was the site of an exhibit during the millennium which then fell into disuse for quite a number of years before being re-purposed as a multi-purpose venue with the massive 20,000 seat “arena” taking up the majority of the space under the dome (when inside the arena you cannot see any of the large tent above you - it is just a large…arena). Under the tent and surrounding the arena are a number of restaurants (some are not that bad), a cinema and a few other smaller entertainment venues. The restaurants now extend to other buildings surrounding the O2.

Seating can be problematic here which is typical for such large arenas. As it is rectangular and artists perform at the one end visibility and cramped necks are an issue. Ideal seating is in the first, ground level of seats but NOT in front the stage (unless you are in the first few rows the person sitting in front of you is going to block your view). Cheaper seats in the second level are quite steeply raked and it can also get hot up there.

Food in the arena itself is quite expensive and you are not allowed to bring in external drinks unless you remove the lids (and they are, of course, non-alcoholic). In fact, any drinks you purchase on site have their lids removed, evidently to avoid the bottle being used as a weapon.

Getting in and out of the arena is generally extremely good with the proximity of the tube station on the Jubilee line (running high capacity trains) very helpful in quickly allowing people to leave. If attending an event on the weekend be sure to check if there are any engineering events though as this has been known to happen during popular performances…