Review of 'Frankfurt Christmas Market, Birmingham '

The “Frankfurt Christmas Market” in Birmingham is billed at the largest German Christmas market outside of Germany and since we live just a short distance to the north we decided to visit. The market is spread out over much of the core area of the city with stalls selling food, drink and Christmas baubles (etc). Entrance to the market is, of course, free and open from 10 am to 9 pm daily.

Welcome to the Market

New Street

Santa Stall

New Street is crowded at the best of times but with the market on it is much more so. Stalls are setup along the length of the road from the Bullring in the east to Victoria Street in the west selling mostly (German) food and drink.

Stalls Stalls

Victoria Square

Looking into Victoria Square

This is really the centre of much of the crowd's attention. At the top and bottom of the steps in Victoria Square there are various drinking and eating stalls crammed into the small area. Mostly this is an area for drinking and at the top of the steps there is a small live band stage playing music throughout the evening. I did notice there were several food items on sale here that are not for sale anywhere else…

Victoria Square and the "Floozy in the Jacuzzi" Top of the Victoria Square Steps Double-Decker Carousel Looking Down Towards the Bottom of the Square

Centenary Square

Birmingham Eye

Heading along Broad Street further west there is the ice rink (see for details) and various rides set up in Centenary Square including the “Birmingham Big Wheel” Ferris wheel.

Cathedral Square

Cathedral Square

Away from the mania on New Street, it is worth making the short trip to the north to “Cathedral (or Pigeon) Square” where there are a number of small stalls selling local handicrafts, food and drink as well as a small live music stage with various folk singers. This was a great break from the business of the rest of the market and is highly recommended.


I found the market not quite as big as I expected and a whole lot busier. The large variety food and drink on offer, however, was a pleasant surprise (even if they don't have sauerkraut for my sausage). It is well worth a visit though perhaps not worth travelling too far to see..

Rating: “Really good but I have some issues”

Review Date: 2022-11-25

Town Centre

Location: Birmingham (England)

Address: New Street, Birmingham ENGLAND