Review of 'Cheshire Game & Country Fair'


Don't get us wrong, we are not interested in shooting animals but we do like a good country show and this is definitely one of them. At £16 it was reasonably priced with parking in a nearby field for this event held at the “Cheshire Showground” a short distance from Knutsford and the M6.

Ferret Racing!

It was easy to get lost on this massive site which took in at least 6 fields. As you enter there are the small animal displays including various dog competitions (fetching, and recall, for example) with clay shooting off to the far left.

Steam Engine Displays Extreme Parking

In the field to the right as you enter are the machinery displays including steam engines (yes, steam tractors!) and cars. At one end of this field there was also the “Wild West Show” where actors dressed up as cowboys and “Indians” play at shooting each other for your entertainment (“The Mavericks”).

Chainsaw Carving

There are several big show rings which have events throughout the show including motorcycle stunts, sheep herding, horse cart racing, obstacle courses, raptor bird displays, dog shows, etc. There are also a few fairground rides including a small Ferris wheel and carousel, but really mostly for small children.


There is also a good sized chainsaw carving display (with an auction held later in the day) as well as lots of stalls for shopping (handicrafts, practical outdoor equipment and clothing, art, etc). The food stalls are somewhat limited and frequently have massive queues. It was nice to see a small marquee near to the main food court with live music. Most places on site are cash only though a few of the food vendors did take cards.


As we were leaving the site we managed to catch the final competition for the lumberjacks which featured quite a number of competitors working in teams bashing their way through fallen lumber. Great to see a mixture of both ages and sexes here.

A really interesting show that is much bigger than it might first appear. A map would not go amiss as would a schedule of events…

Rating: “Nearly perfect, but not quite”

Review Date: 2023-08-28

Cheshire Showground

Location: Cheshire (England)

Address: Clay House Farm, Flittogate Ln, Tabley Knutsford, ENGLAND

Telephone: +44 (0) 1565 650200


Basically, a couple of very large farming fields that are used to host events.