Review of 'Bios'

Bios by Robert Charles Wilson

A fantastic, light read that is set in the future where space travel is incredibly expensive forcing mankind to look to nearby planets for colonization, in this case Isis. Isis is a planet full of life toxic to humans so humans have shrouded themselves in various electronic gadgetry but Zoe Fisher is different – she has been genetically engineered to be more resistant than her fragile cousins that, in combination with her specially created environment suit make her an ideal explorer for this toxic planet. Things begin to take a bit of turn for the worse as various breaches in the elaborate safety systems mankind have built into their Isis bases. The ending is, perhaps, somewhat predictable but laudable (I am not a big fan of “happy” endings – hoping I do not give anything away by saying that). Wilson's writing is as superb as one would expect from the author of Darwinia and compels the reader through this imaginative and very believable world.

Rating: “Really good but I have some issues”

Genre: Science Fiction

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