Review of 'The Widowmaker'

The Widowmaker by Mike Resnick

Jefferson Nighthalk the deadliest assasin of all time is dead or, at least, that is what the universe thinks but the reality is that he has been kept frozen for more than a century in the hopes of being woken when a cure is found for his disease. This is not to say he is not busy, a clone is created to perform a special commission…and to pay his growing storage costs. The 'Widowmaker', as he is known, is reborn but with very little experience of the original Jefferson Nighthalk along with his unfortunate tendancy to value life mean his days are numbered. A good, light read with a few inconsistencies, Resnick keeps the readers interest throughout building up to the suprising, or perhaps not so suprising, climax. First in a series (according to the blurb).

Rating: “Average, but who wants to be average?”

Genre: Science Fiction