Review of 'The Dragons of Heorot'

The Dragons of Heorot by Steven Barnes, Larry Niven, and Jerry Pournelle

Sequel to The Legacy of Heorot which I found to be a horrifying novel this novel is not quite so horrifying (the grendals are still there as well as other things…). This novel picks up with the colonists and their children who want to return from their island to the mainland and tame this planet they have found themselves on (not by their choice, they point out to their parents). A lingering mystery from the beginning of the novel is only solved right near the end as well as where the lion's share of the action also takes place. This is a novel about people and personal dynamics more than it is a novel about the untamed wilderness but in this case it could be said that they are one and the same. A good read if a bit patchy and tedious in parts. If you have read the Legacy of Heorot then this is definitely a worthy successor.

Rating: “It is OK but I have some issues”

Genre: Science Fiction

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