Review of 'The Scar'

The Scar by China Miéville

Miéville has done it again with this novel set in the same world as his masterpiece “Perdido Street Station” this time adding even more colour and description to his already fantastic world. The story follows Bellis Coldwine as she leaves New Crobuzon in search of a new life for herself along with a number of prisoner “remade”. They are overrun by pirates and forced to join the “Armada” - A vast flottila composed of numerous boats tied together to form a city complete with parks, restaurants and many, varied, inhabitants as it floats it's way across the world. “Armada” is ruled by the “Lovers” a couple that spend numerous hours mutilating each other in a sado-maschositic manner. The characterization is, once again, fantastic as are the images and scenes that Mi&eactue;ville evokes. Well written and awfully hard to put down. A must read.

Rating: “I have absolutely no complaints”

Genre: Science Fiction

Publication Date: 2002

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