Review of 'Air'

Air by Geoff Ryman

Mae is the fashion expert living in the small community of Kizuldah in the country of Karzistan in the near future. A test of “Air” - A mechanism that allows you to communicate over the world computer network using your brain alone - results in disaster for the town. The test over, Mae realizes that she needs to prepare both herself and the town for when the system actually goes “live”. She quickly takes things into her own hands starting training for local people and growing her business via “Air” (inexplicably she still has access to the system…along with the personality of an older lady that died in her arms during the test). The town, and the planet, will never be the same after Air comes…

Both an interesting premise and an interesting perspective on the technology that so frequently graces the pages of Science Fiction. Telling the story from a small, isolated community full of techno-ignorants with their very human foibles and needs is quite unique bringing quite a human perspective to the story. Mae is not the innocent and we see many of her faults but also her frustration in trying to guide her people in the direction she sees they must take…Perhaps a very real insight into these issues. It is a tale of loss (innocence and physical) but also a tale of hope and yearning.

A bit of a tough read at time with things often moving glacially slowly but certainly worth your time to give it a look-in.

Rating: “Really good but I have some issues”

Review Date: 2014-05-31

Genre: Science Fiction

Publication Date: 2004