Review of 'Fallen Dragon'

Fallen Dragon by Peter F. Hamilton

It is the 24th century and humanity is visiting distant planets not for exploration but exploitation: Colonisation ships are sent with first settlers then the same companies that originally provided passage then return to demand their share of what is being produced as “asset realization”, whether the inhabitants want to provide it or not. The biggest of these quasi-military companies is Zantiu-Braun (Z-B).

Lawrence Newton is born into a life of luxury in the settlement of Amethi. He dreams of one day journeying to the starts to further the human condition. When he falls in love with a young woman his dream is set aside and he is determined to make the best of his lot. When she turns out to be something else he packs his bags and sets out for earth to join Z-B, the only real choice when it comes to fulfilling his life-long dream.

This novel alternates between the stories of a young Lawrence on Amethi and an older Lawrence who is on a mission to Thallspring - A campaign that very quickly degenerates into an uprising against the occupying Z-B force. By the time he reaches Thallspring Lawrence is now much more mature and has lost his naivety as to how things work - Corruption, violence, love…He spots a way out, a big score in a remote village where a dragon awaits…

Another big tome from Hamilton but a good yarn and fairly entertaining. The prose, as to be expected, has quite a bit of technical jargon meaning a few things to have to remember. The conclusion was quite a surprise to me and makes this coming-of-age story worth the read. Definitely has something to say about the human condition and a sad state of affairs if this is the way things go…

Rating: “Really good but I have some issues”

Review Date: 2014-01-06

Genre: Science Fiction

Publisher: Pan

Publication Date: 2001

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