Review of 'Earth'

Earth by David Brin

Set in the near future a tiny manufactured wormhole accidentally released into the core of the planet and the team of scientists searching for it find yet another, much larger, wormhole that is large enough to bring certain doom to the planet within a year. It is up to these scientists to try to avert the disaster.

This is a story of a planet that is already suffering with over-population, global warming and multiple wars. It is also a planet where everyone is connected via a global computer network and radicals abound. There are a number of story threads here include a conservation ark where environmentalists are trying to save endangered species, a space shuttle pilot who witnesses the destruction of a space station by suspicious means, a computer expert who is determined to use her skills to stop the destruction of the planet at any cost (including the loss of her family), a worker who is hired to pick ore from the bottom of the ocean…This large book (at 700+ pages) has the space to explore these, and other, threads in great deal.

I did find this book a bit of a hard slog and it goes on and on. The climax is somewhat worth the wait if it is not slightly confusing as it dips from the scientific into the mystical realm. As with most Brin books this is very good on its facts though the personality of the characters I would suggest is lacking a bit here.

An interesting premise and warning about dangers for us that may be in store…Ahead of it's time.

Rating: “It is OK but I have some issues”

Review Date: 2013-08-31

Genre: Science Fiction

Publisher: Futura Publications

Publication Date: 1990

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