Review of 'Rocheworld'

Rocheworld by Robert L. Forward

rocheworld.jpg An interesting book full of original ideas and imagination but based (largely) upon scientific fact. Perhaps too much of this and not much characterisation, unfortunately. Humanity makes the supreme commitment to send a small crew of astronauts to Barnard's star (just a bit further away then the nearest star to earth, but it has an interesting planetary formation – Rocheworld). The book follows the crew as it is assembled (along with the technology and politics) all the way to the exploration of Rocheworld – a bizare “planet” consisting of two egg-shaped masses orbiting one another separated by the narrowest of gaps. A bit of a heavy read but quite – interesting.

Rating: “Not great, but not the worse”

Genre: Science Fiction

Publisher: Baen Books

Publication Date: 1990

ISBN: 0671698699