Review of 'The Sky People'

The Sky People by S.M. Stirling

How can a book so full of characters who are so obviously demanding our willingness for them to survive do exactly the opposite? I am not sure how I could care less for any of them…But, to be fair, to the plot:

It is an alternative reality with life discovered on Venus and Mars early in the 21st century. We are in the 1980s where we follow team of Americans (and one other…) in a balloon as they race to save a cosmonaut too far into the wilds of the planet for the Soviets to find.

The prose is plodding with no brilliance expressed at all. I had trouble finishing this one (months it would be fair to say) even though it is not all that long. The ideas expressed are interesting but it did not grab me. This is one for the Salvation Army bin.

Rating: “Nothing going for it”

Review Date: 2009-07-05

Genre: Science Fiction

Publisher: Tor

Publication Date: 2006