Review of 'Gateway'

Gateway by Frederik Pohl

Robinette Broadhead has some problems finding his place in life until he comes upon some money and tries his luck further by shipping out to Gateway. Gateway: An artifact of the mysterious, missing Heechee housing a number of space ships that cannot be directed but find some of the lucky few crew great wealth in royalties from discoveries of ancient technology. Broadhead's social life is a bit of a disaster as he tries to find a life for himself on the Heechee spaceport. The story leads up to an important discovery that spells wealth for Broadhead but is interspersed with his talking over his person problems with a robotic psychologist – So this is a journey of both inner and outer discovery.

A classic from one of the Sci Fi master's, Gateway is a tale that not surprisingly one the highest accolades of the SF industry. The story is well told with just enough descriptive narrative (and not too much) and interest that keeps the reader turning pages. The wit and inventiveness shines through and makes the book very readable. I must admit I did have a bit of trouble seeing the direction of the psychoanalysis that is in every other chapter – not that I did not find the discussions between Broadhead and his robot helper amusing…

If you have not read it you cannot call yourself a fan of SF literature.

Rating: “Really good but I have some issues”

Review Date: 2007-10-13

Genre: Science Fiction

Publisher: Gollancz

Publication Date: 1976

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