Review of 'Ender's Shadow'

Ender's Shadow by Orson Scott Card
1st book in the 'Ender's Shadow' series

The cover describes this novel as “A Parallel Novel to Ender's Game” and the contents definitely bear this out, offering a different viewpoint, and insights, as the earlier Ender's Game. It is recommended that you read the earlier novel before reading this as it complements so many of the aspects. Well written and thoroughly engaging (if not the ending being a complete lack of surprise, having read Ender's Game – though the FINAL few pages I thought was a bit…corny and not in keeping with the nature of Bean, but maybe that is just me…). The novel starts by describing how Bean came into the world (though that information is further explored throughout the novel) and how he gets to Battle School to eventually assist the great Ender in his efforts in mock battle and simulation. There is enough information to make it very different from Ender's Game and just as enthralling.

Rating: “Really good but I have some issues”

Genre: Science Fiction

Publisher: Tor Books

Publication Date: 1999

ISBN: 0-312-86860-X

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