Review of 'The Algebraist'

The Algebraist by Iain M. Banks
A 'Culture' book

the_algebraist.jpg Short-listed for the Science Fiction Hugo award in 2005 Banks proves that there is more to this author than the popular Culture series in this fantastic novel.

Fassin Taak is a Slow Seer at the Court of the Nasqueron Dwellers a strange race of beings that live in the atmosphere of gas giant planets. His talent is being able to communicate with these beings and blend into their strange environment. A threat to his planet (and solar system) forces him to embark on a search for a long-fabled network of wormholes known only to the Dwellers. Posing a bit of a problem is the fact that the Dwellers seem to know nothing about it and that they have quite a different view of the universe with their tremendously long life-spans yet very narrow view. Time is running out and the fate of millions lie in the balance…

A great departure from Culture with believable characters, fantastic universes, and a riveting plot (though, perhaps, a bit long in parts). Definitely a must read for lovers of epic Science Fiction.

Rating: “Nearly perfect, but not quite”

Review Date: 2006-08-19

Genre: Science Fiction

Publisher: Orbit

Publication Date: 2004

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