Review of 'Prey'

Prey by Michael Crichton

Another suspense and technology filled page-turner from Crichton with the focus this time on the use of nanotechnology. Jack is an out-of-work computer programmer now working at being a father for his children. Julia, his wife, works in a high-technology research facility working on nano-technology. The use of Jack's computer software (modified for their own purposes) has led to a series of events that could have far-reaching consequences for life on earth as a swarm of nano-bots is released into the “wild”. Recruited into the containment effort, it is up to Jack to put a stop to the disaster. The action seems to be repeated over and over with the same scenario played over a number of times: leaving the lab to perform some sort of activity before the swarm returns to do it's deadly deeds. Though interesting I found it a bit dull in parts with the action pieces few and far between but, nonetheless, generally a good page-turner.

Rating: “Really good but I have some issues”

Review Date: 2005-01-04

Genre: Science Fiction

Publisher: Harper Collins

Publication Date: 2002

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