Review of 'The Star Trek Interview Book'

The Star Trek Interview Book by Allan Asherman

the_star_trek_interview_book.jpg In this book Allan Asherman, author of “The Star Trek Compendium”, compiles a series of interviews he made over the years with many involved in the creation of the original Star Trek series and films, here up until just before Star Trek V (The Undiscovered Country) started filming. What is impressive is the sheer number of people interviewed from, obviously, the main players such as Gene Roddenberry himself to the cast, the directors, and the writers, but also the costume designers, cameramen, and sound engineers. He has it all covered and while most of the questions are about Star Trek they do also delve into the personality of the people involved and how they really feel about the phenomenon they find themselves mixed up in which took them all by surprise. What is also evident is their love of the fans which is made clear time and time again with Asherman often finishing an interview asking what the interviewee would like to say to all the fans that they have not had a chance to say before.

An interesting if often somewhat tedious descent into the minutiae of the production of the original Star Trek that really, beyond the first few chapters, is probably only of interest to the fanatic. The same themes come up again and again but are left in for completeness as each person interviewed has their slightly (VERY slightly) different take on things. There are a few interesting surprises here but otherwise it is all a bit…dry. If you aren't interested in who wrote “Charlie X” or who directed “City on the Edge of Tomorrow” then this is not really the book for you.

“The Star Trek Interview Book” has a short section of black and white pictures but otherwise consists of a series of interviews divided into groups.

Rating: “It is OK but I have some issues”

Review Date: 2022-04-03

Genre: Non-Fiction

Publisher: Pocket Books

Publication Date: 1988

ISBN: 067161794X