Review of 'Angels and Demons'

Angels and Demons by Dan Brown

This “prequel” to The Da Vinci Code finds Robert Langdon thrown into the middle of things as a murder is committed in the highly secretive CERN facility in Switzerland (near Geneva). We learn that it seems as though the secret society of Illuminatus has come out of hiding to complete it's main goal: The toppling of the Catholic church. Langdon and the daughter of the murdered man are conducted to Rome where they find the Illuminatus have set a timebomb under the Vatican. It is a race against time as they run from place to place unravelling the mystery of the Illuminatus and stop a series of killings from occuring. Another book that makes one stop and think (though the ending is, arguably, not as contraversal as the whole Da Vinci thing) but is generally fast paced. I did find the occasional digressions about the nature of religion and science seemed to slow the narrative down particularly near the end when I was wanting the story to wrap up. It did. Eventually. Interesting reading. Wonder how much of it is true?

Rating: “It is OK but I have some issues”

Review Date: 2005-01-31

Genre: General Fiction

Publication Date: 2000

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