Review of 'Falling Sideways'

Falling Sideways by Tom Holt

falling_sideways.jpg David Perkins has long been, shall we say, overly fascinated by the 17th century portrait of a woman in an art gallery. It is of Philippa Levens who was accused of being a witch. Perkins buys a lock of Levens' hair and, as you do, takes it to “Honest John's House of Clones” in Ravenscourt Park (London) where, wouldn't you know it, he is able to bring her back from the dead. She immediately demands the best food and is generally quite difficult to get along with but Perkins now is blessed with the subject of his infatuation in the flesh. Of course, there is the small matter of the frogs, a distant planet home to a race who know nothing of love, an unusual revelation of his genetic heritage, and a murder charge to worry about but his life is certainly a lot less lonely…

Another absurdist comedy from Tom Holt which is no doubt of interest to his fans but to the rest of us it is full of puns, inside jokes and a bizarre storyline that gives me a headache even to think back to. A light read it certainly will entertain to those willing to put up with the relentless silliness that poses more questions than it does answers…though the answers that do come are generally far from satisfactory. The book does tend to drag a bit as it goes and on and on with no clear ending in sight and, indeed, when the ending comes it is more just a full stop than actual plot completion. To me it often feels as if Holt tries to hard to be funny and is far too clinical for my tastes.

Still, “Falling Sideways” made me laugh on occasion so what more can you ask?

Rating: “It is OK but I have some issues”

Review Date: 2023-02-05

Genre: Fantasy

Publisher: BCA

Publication Date: 2002

ISBN: 9781841490878

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