Review of 'Towers of Midnight'

Towers of Midnight by Robert Jordan, and Brandon Sanderson
13th book in the 'The Wheel of Time' series

The wheel turns and we come ever closer to the final battle between The Dragon and the Dark Lord with several of the many storylines coming to a climax if not ending altogether. Whereas the previous book, The Gathering Storm, concentrated very much on Egwene with her struggles to become the Amyrlin Seat in the White Tower this book sees the focus shift slightly to the men, specifically Perrin Aybara and his quest to find balance between the inner wolf and what he wants to be…Though what fate has decided for him is another matter. Matrim Cauthon comes into the story late in the novel as he attempts to rescue Moiraine from her prison. Of course, this is not to say that other story arcs lay dormant here - Egwene still has the black Ajah to deal with and in this chapter she takes things into her own hands with devastating results. Elayne finally finds a way to take the throne of Cairhien and unite it with Andor, but it is, of course, not this easy.

Al'Thor also plays a somewhat prominent role in this chapter as the armies of the world gather to face the dark one. He is determined to break the final seals on the dark one's prison even if Egwene and others try to stop him.

Tension is stepped up a notch in this penultimate novel to the epic Wheel of Time series and Sanderson seems to be doing the story justice with the concentration on character and sensitivity to the history that has come before. Perhaps this is not Jordan but the story flows as if it was and I know that I will be there for the final battle, will you?

Yeah, it is a long book but it is easy to read and you can read very quickly as the action moves it along. The writing is good and consistent which is very much required here. I am hoping that Sanderson does the series justice in the final chapter due out early in 2013. I may have to give up the physical book reading though it is a bit tough on the hands…Perhaps Kindle for the next one.

Rating: “Nearly perfect, but not quite”

Review Date: 2012-11-18

Genre: Fantasy

Publisher: Orbit

Publication Date: 2010

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