Review of 'Neverwhere'

Neverwhere by Neil Gaiman

A chance encounter with a woman in distress by Richard Mayhew leads to his discovery under the streets of London of another London – one of fantasy and violence. Richard's life and reality is turned on it's head as he goes about trying to return to the world he knew. If you know a bit about London this novel is even better than it already is (I can't stop thinking about the Black Friars…). Though there are numerous puns I must admit I did not share the comment of a reviewer on the cover that implied this novel would be amusing. Richard's journey through this sub-London takes him to such places as Harrods and the HMS Belfast (moored in the Thames) via Underground stations both current and long-since lost to time (and no doubt, at one time, existed). These are not the places familiar to people in London today but rather featured in unusual circumstances. I found the novel to be a bit violent though the violence is not so graphic as to upset most readers. Gaiman weaves his magic in this fast-paced and fascinating tale. With believable characters, situations, and many surprises this is a book that will be difficult to put down.

Rating: “Really good but I have some issues”

Review Date: 2005-08-16

Genre: Fantasy

Publisher: Headline

Publication Date: 1996

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