Review of 'Billy Connolly: Tall Tales & Wee Stories'

Billy Connolly: Tall Tales & Wee Stories by Billy Connolly

tall_tales_and_wee_stories.jpg As a finale to his wonderful career, Billy Connolly captures many of his best loved stories in “Tall Tales & Wee Stories”. He has called it a day on touring so has put to paper his stories for us to remember him by. Each chapter has a theme with several short stories in each which manage to capture not only the story but also his mannerisms were you ever to have seen him perform live including sound effects and, of his, his quite Scottish turn of phrase. He has a talent for seeing things that many would miss or seeing things in a way that really put them into context. As Connolly freely admits, some of these stories are not outrageously funny nor to they even necessarily go anywhere but regardless they are all captivating and, for the most part, very, very amusing. He most definitely calls it as he sees it to the point where he is NOT “PC” but he is unapologetically so, freely admitting it. He is what he is, take it or leave it: Copious amounts of swearing throughout, talking about things most would shy away from, no where is sacred for Connolly and this is what makes him so refreshing.

I have been lucky to see Connolly a couple of times live and he has a way of engaging with the audience that continues into this book. A really fun and engaging read.

“Acting your age is about as sensible as acting your street number.”

Rating: “I have absolutely no complaints”

Review Date: 2024-01-20

Genre: Autobiography

Publisher: Two Roads

Publication Date: 2019

ISBN: 9781529361360